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We specialize in business tax preparation from the simplest of returns to the most complex.

Nubus Tax is your true partner when it comes to preparing and filing your business tax returns.

We only work with your best interest in mind. We take thorough care of even the smallest details. We are knowledgeable of every tax deduction benefit.

No matter how complex your situation is, we work individually with you and go the extra mile every single time to ensure you get the maximum possible return and that you are in full compliance with the IRS and your State tax laws. When we handle your business, you can trust that we are truly working for you… that’s what a real partner is.

Our business tax solution services includes:

  • Sole proprietorship and single member LLC
  • Partnerships
  • Corporations

How it Works


Schedule a time to talk about your business taxes — Our initial consultation is absolutely free. We will ask you all the right questions and provide the best guidance, suggestions and advice to properly prepare and file your taxes.


Sign the official engagement document that makes our relationship official. Clearly understand and acknowledge any agreed terms, time frames or special considerations in the most transparent and hassle free way.


We will process payment for any due fees upon signing the official engagement document. We take all major credit cards, papal, stripe as well as international and local wire transfers.


We do the hard work while you sit back and relax. We will go over all income, expenses and other info in careful detail. We will reconcile all your bank accounts if necessary in order to keep proper record of your finances.


We will file your tax returns and provide all information you need regarding receiving your refund. You are able to review all your tax information in detail. You can enjoy a fully compliant tax status and the many benefits of filing yearly tax returns.

We want to be in business with you for the long run so we take no shortcuts.

  • Over the years we have helped hundreds of USA businesses owned by US, Non-US residents, and Expats in over 80 countries get off the ground.
  • We are subject matter experts in this field as we work with global individuals all day, every day.
  • We can help with entity selection, government applications, law compliance and reliable suggestions.
  • Working with us means you take advantage of our great deal of expertise and our genuine desire to see you succeed.

We specialize in US tax and accounting services for foreign entrepreneurs across the globe.

Top notch customer service and the maximum possible tax savings for you and your business

Our Small Business Tax Return package offers all relevant forms, including:

  • Forms 1065
  • Form 1120 & 5472
  • Form 1120-C
  • Form 1120-F
  • Form 1120-S

Have other small business needs? We can help with that, too!

  • 962 Election on 1120 Forms
  • Return of US Persons With Respect to Certain Foreign Partnerships – Form 8865
  • Return of US Persons With Respect to Certain Foreign Corporations – Form 5471
  • Information Return of a 25% Foreign-Owned US Corp – Form 5472

These are some of the Expat and non US resident business tax services we offer:

  • Corporate tax returns
  • FBAR filing (Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts)
  • Past-due tax returns from prior years
  • Advance notice and year-round audit suppor
  • Extension filing
  • Review of your already prepared returns for accuracy and compliance
  • Tax consultations and advice
  • Entity selection and tax classification
  • Foreign tax credit planning
  • U.S. and foreign tax incentive programs
  • Repatriation planning